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Wardrobe Essentials 2020

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Looking forward to the sunny side of Summer 2020 all that the previous summer reminds you of is the sweat that you lost and the skin that took you days to rub the tan off.

We fail to realize summer symbolizes youth where you can move around with godlike ease and comfort .Summer is the time of romance and infinite potential. It is the time where fresh and cool colors should adorn you. It is that time of the year that the clothes that you select would let you relish the perfect weather. Below are the fundamentals that any man’s wardrobe should have

1. White-The color of perfection:

Be it your first date or your first job interview or your first visit to meet your future in-laws, a perfect white shirt makes you look passionately impressive on any occasion and would never miss to create an impression

Hades White Oxford
Perfect White for the Nobel

When you are in doubt wear White!

2. Chuck out synthetic & bring in Nature: Summer is all about comfort and relaxing. So the choice of the fabric concludes your plight. Use natural fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp etc. that are light in density letting free flow of air through your weaves.

Hades Plaid Shirts
Closer to nature, with Hades Natural Fibers!

3. Wear colors of summer-light colored clothing:

Cool and bright colors often make sure that you stay fresh by providing more protection from the sun that dark colored ones. Stay elegant while you keep cool.

4. Retro Sneakers:

Sneakers are a great way to complete your outfit and nothing speaks summer more than a perfect pair of white sneakers.

White Sneakers -Answer to footwear problems

5. Short not too short:

Keep it casual on your day out with your friends by wearing a perfect pair of shorts-be it cargo shorts or denim shorts and relax in its inevitable comfort.

Make summer days feel shorter with a comfortable pair of Shorts!

6. Light Jeans:

Raw denims are too dark for a bright sunny day. Washed jeans increase your style quotient as well as comfort.

Anything light for the summer light

7. Faded Chino:

Chinos are a great alternative when you just need to spike up your wardrobe with colors bottom wear. Make you team it with great comfort shirt or T-Shirt you are good to go.

Faded Chinos

8. V-Line Neck T-Shirt:

A staple for summer wardrobe, this will enhance your demeanor and let you be at best comfortable self.

V Neck T-Shirts- Open Neck

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