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The Jahore Regimental Tartan Plaid is your answer to show integrity and idealism. Made of the closely woven (Fil-A-Fil) supreme quality fabric this shirt is sure to make heads turn. Giving emphasis on one's persona along with the presentation of formality with Hades most trusted fit; "Utopian Fit", the feel-good fabric changes your view on the quality of shirts, most Indian brands do not offer.

Hades Navy and Blonde Fil-A-Fil Tartan Plaid Shirt

SKU: BY002
₹1,485.00 Regular Price
₹1,285.00Sale Price
    • Fit: A fit appraised to perfection that is optimum of custom and slim fit: Utopian Fit
    • Fabric: Imported High-Grade Yarn dyed 100% Premium Cotton
    • Washcare: Machine Wash, Gentle
    • Collar: Spread Collar Sleeve: Long/Full Sleeve
    • Ideal for: Any Body Type
    • 30 Days Returns and replacement. Kindly refer return policy for more details.
    • Free Shipping-Available only in India
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